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Raw Recordings by Scy1e - Sighwonee

Recording and performing electro-acoustic music as horaflora since 2006, Raub created scy1e (or sighwonee), to signal a shift towards a more purely electronic paradigm. The relative ease of recording purely electronic music, as compared to the complications of recording the electroacoustic material of the horaflora project, has resulted in an explosion of new pieces, generated over a short period of time.

This "live archive" is where those pieces are kept, posted initially as a way to archive, then periodically combed through and re-edited, remixed, or otherwise changed. As a subscriber, you will be notified when a new album is posted, which may consist of any number of pieces, and which may be added to or subtracted from over the course of time. Periodically, albums may surface that may be considered highlights from over a specific period of time, and will be denoted as such.

Thanks for your support, it directly influences the ability to continue this project!

Thanks to Jim O'Rourke's "Steam Room" and Jason Lescaleet's "This Is What I Do" for the inspiration for this idea.

*Concepts of aleatory and relabi are expressly explored within the confines of this project; aleatory in which some element of the composition is left to chance, relabi involves coordinated sounding structures built on a constantly slipping pulse, creating an experience with some of the characteristics of rhythm but at the same time radically different.

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